Serv-ICE Refrigeration Introductory Promotion

Our objective is to provide the best value for money service in the area. We combine 30 years of product experience with 20 years of management experience to provide a passionate and honest service. Our expertise is the maintenance, repair and installation of Commercial Refrigeration Equipment and Ice Making Machines.

Did you know that for each kW of installed power consumed by your Refrigeration equipment and Ice machines you could save approximately £265.00 per annum simply by cleaning the condensers- it soon adds up. It is for this reason we offer an introductory promotion.

The Offer

We propose to clean the condensers and fans of your refrigeration equipment, ice machines and cold storage rooms for a promotional price of £45.00 per unit + VAT. This offer includes all labour, materials, travelling, mileage and parking- in other words no hidden costs. (We will provide a discount on this price for multiple units). Prices are valid between 08.00 and 17.00 hours Mon to Fri, however, should you wish our Engineer to attend site outside of these hours/during a weekend a price can be offered upon request.

If this promotion is of interest then please call us on the number above quoting promotional offer.

Spending £45.00 to save £265.00 is a "no brainer"- what do you have to lose?

We would welcome the opportunity to prove ourselves if not with this offer with any future opportunities with regards to your ongoing maintenance or breakdowns.

Serv-ICE Refrigeration Door Gasket Service

Don't have the Local Environmental Health Office on your back - replacing refrigeration door seals has never been so easy- simply contact us and we will visit site and replace the seals without the need of a costly survey.

Replacing faulty door seals is not only a requirement in order to keep the contents of the fridge/freezer in prime condition but it will also reduce your electrical running costs therefore saving you money.

The Price below includes: Travel to site, supply of a replacement gasket, and labour to fit, all primers and adhesives but excludes VAT.

Item Price per seal
Standard Drawer Gasket £60.00
Standard Under Counter/Bottle Cooler £85.00
Upright Fridge/Freezer £105.00
Cold Room £175.00

Serv-ICE Refrigeration Pub Promotion

Total Peace of Mind Maintenance of your refrigeration equipment for as little as £40.00 per week.

We will cover all the labour for routine maintenance and breakdown of all your commercial refrigeration equipment.

  • Kitchen Fridges
  • Cellar Cooling
  • Ice Machines
  • Cold Rooms

Call us on 0203 764 2424 to arrange a free site survey

Serv-ICE Refrigeration Menu

Why Make a meal of your refrigeration breakdowns when we can make it easy! Combining 25 years of product experience with 20 years of management experience, we provide a passionate and honest service.


Ice Machine De-Scale £120.00
Condenser Clean £45.00

Door Seal Replacement

Drawer Seal £60.00
Under Counter £85.00
Upright £105.00
Coldroom £175.00

Main Courses:

Coldroom Installations P.O.A.
Tailored Maintenance Agreements P.O.A.
Pre Environmental Health Officer Visit on refrigeration Equipment £56.00


Cold Room Door Curtains £140.00
Energy Saving Probes £75.00*
Coldroom Bulkhead Light Installation £80.00

* Per cube installed

Serv-ICE Refrigeration Ice Machine Descale Promotion

£120.00 + VAT per machine*

*Price includes all labour & materials to carry out a full descale during normal working hours - Mon-Fri 08.00-17.00 hours.

Ice is a food product. Scientific research has also shown that certain bacteria and viruses can survive freezing for many hours and can also remain capable of growth in very strong alcoholic drinks. It is therefore important that ice does not become contaminated by airborne particles, food handlers or dirty utensils.

The most likely sources of contamination of ice are inadequate cleaning of the ice making machine or equipment and poor hygiene practices when handling the ice.

The ice storage compartment should be cleaned regularly, at least fortnightly, to prevent the build up of bacteria.

It should be monitored for any growth of scum or slime and if such growths become apparent, it should be immediately cleaned according to the manufacturer's instructions.

It's not only good practice to clean and sanitize your ice machine, it also saves money in the medium to long term.

Breakdown calls placed for lime-scale and sanitization issues will incur charges. Lime-scale is the biggest cause of water pump and sensor failure.

PROTECT your ice machine from failure and
PROTECT your ice from bacterial growth